Create a Sea Creature Contest – Extended Deadline!

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Did You Know?

animated-fish-image-0015 (1)Our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. That is a lot of water!

The majority of life on Earth is aquatic and less than 5% of the planet’s oceans have yet to be explored.

With all this watery territory teeming with life, we want to know what sea creatures YOU think could be living in the ocean with our…

Create a Sea Creature Contest!

Draw or paint us your best sea creature – and it doesn’t have to be a fish – show us some weird, wacky, or wonderful sea creatures that have fins, flippers, or even fur. Nothing is too outrageous!

The Rules

Draw an original sea creature – one that is make-believeand does not already exist– and give it a name. Tell us where it lives (what sea or ocean) and what special abilities it has.

Who Can Enter?


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